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About Us

Vision and Management Philosophy

A-Joo Fitting pursues safety, quality, and compliance as its top priorities,
and practices the following culture to become a company that can be rewarded and proud of its members,
as well as a company loved not only by customers but also by the community.

Core value

  • Trust with Clients
    • To be honest to our clients, and keep our
      promises with our clients.
  • Respect for and Communication with the Colleagues
    • We believe the positive intentions of our
      colleagues and respect their dignity.
    • We try to reach consensus on the work
      and the process.
  • Passion for Our Work
    • We expect the best scenario when working toward a goal.
    • We value the process without being afraid of failure.
    • We enjoy what we do and try to achieve great performances with a sense of ownership.
  • Safety for All
    • We establish a zero-accident workplace by setting safety and life protection as our top priority and basic principle.

A-JOO's New Pledges

  • Trust in Clients
    • Welcome Clients’ Input.
    • Always Keep Our Promises with the Clients.
      Give Feedback as soon as Possible.
  • Respect for and Communication with the Colleagues
    • Greet colleagues with a big smile.
    • Compliment and encourage colleagues.
    • Do not criticize colleagues without giving alternatives.
  • Passion for Our Work
    • Be the best expert in one’s field.
    • Make sure to achieve the goal.
    • Never be afraid of failure.
  • Safety for All
    • Be sure to follow the safety rules.
    • Never compromise on work procedures that lack safety.
    • Work in order, implement safety as a rule.